Happy birthday to BPB friends Sallie and Sarah Warren, 5th graders at East Central Upper Elementary, who just celebrated their 11th birthday! Sarah and Sallie asked friends and family to donate food items in lieu of gifts, and the total gift to the BPB pantry was over 100 lbs. of much needed food! Thanks for your awesome gift!! What a blessing you are to this community!

What do students or families receive?

Each week children are given a bag that is filled with non-perishable food that can be used to meet their weekend nutritional needs. A typical bag, depending upon inventory, may contain: a protein (such as beans, soup, beef stew, and/or peanut butter), canned fruits (such as peaches, pears, pineapples, etc.) and miscellaneous items, such as individual wrapped fruit juice, crackers, multigrain bars, individual boxes of cereal, pudding cups, etc. The food will include preferably pop-top containers that will require little to no cooking.

Where does the food come from?

Food is obtained from local area churches, donations and by purchases. The pantry is located at Temple Baptist Church.